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Pankaj - February 28, 2007
My travel tips - don't go to North India in summer unless you like heat's just way too hot. And drinking bottled water is very important.
Jay - March 01, 2007
I agree summers are tough in North. South and East isn't that bad during summer. Kerala can be an experience during monsoons as the greenery pretty much explodes everywhere.
Sahara - April 18, 2008
Bottled water NOOOOOOOOOOO! Boil your water or use a filter -- the earth cannot support us all drinking bottled water every day. At any rate -- he says to check the cap on the bottle because they are often refilled with unclean water and resold and the people who do this are very crafty. SO in conclusion: drinking bottled water is expensive, bad for the earth and in India may very well make you sick!
Chaman A Sharma - May 15, 2008
Midnight eating is no problem in Ahmedabad,Surat,Vadodara,Rajkot etc in Gujarat. Eateries are open till very late in the night.These makeshift stall are located in the main market place where normal business activities thrive during the day

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