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jenlim of richmond bc - April 15, 2009
what month was this video taken? im just curious because i see green trees but the guide is wearing a coat..cud this be the first week of june coz thats when im going so i wonder if i need a coat too.
jen - June 21, 2009
i was there finally wd my daughter on the first week of june '09 at the tuileries and we did sit in one of the green chairs. it was an amazing moment.
M.A.JAVED AKHTER - February 13, 2010
These short video are very inspiring. French people are not only very beautiful but their country looks like a paradise. I wish I could see Paris. I hope some day I will. All best wishes to the people of France.
michele - August 22, 2010
Thank you so much for providing this. I can't get to Paris yet but this makes the dream come true!!
susan of Salt Lake City - August 30, 2010
Very useful information. We leave for Paris in 2 weeks. This will be our 2nd visit. It's my favorite city in Europe. The short videos are wonderful. Merci to all in Paris.
anayamys - November 30, 2010
paris seem so AMAZING i cant wait to go see it my self and walk that trail
Diane and Tara - January 18, 2011
My daughter and I are off to Paris for our first trip in Feb. These videos are a godsend!

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