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kelsi - August 18, 2007
Wow that looks really good (the food on this video) :)
Robert - September 15, 2007
Funny, usually when I'm in Paris I go to non Parisian retaurants. I have to try more traditional places like this.
Karen Caillier - May 11, 2008
This place looks wonderful. Is it expensive? And do you have the address? Thank you.
Mey - June 01, 2008
We were fortunate enough to discover this restaurant during our trip to Paris 2 weeks ago. It was indeed a gem, the ambience was truly French, with a lot of local French clientele. The food was great and not overly fussy. We had the 'grenouilles' (frogs legs) which was very tasty and the flambe lobster with whisky is not to be missed. Later in the night, we returned to the restaurant to book for a taxi as we couldn't find one in the rain. The (head?) waiter was so helpful and even offered us a coffee as we sat there and waited for the taxi to arrive. We will certainly return soon.
angel - October 31, 2008
Love how Celia goes to the different restaurants and bistros and eats up a storm with all that delish paris food!
Lina - June 04, 2011
Celia makes this bistro seem perfect for where we want to go this time in Paris (August 2011). What a perfect video piece for travelers! I am telling all my friends of this website. And I will write my review after we go there.
Anonymous - September 09, 2011
An absolutely charming and quaint french restaurant which i tumbled upon excellent service, delectable food.

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