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Charlie Kulander - July 26, 2007
Great presentation, great shots, excellent editing. Just got back from Mumbai, and this seemed to capture it, freckles and all.
carlos lozano - February 07, 2008
perfect video
Cheryl D'Souza - January 04, 2009
I have lived and traveled all over the world and Bombay is by far one of the BEST cities to live in. It's incredibly multicultural, graciousely welcoming, microcosm of the India's cuisine....boasts on of the best foods in the world, with the friendliest and warmest people I've ever come across. More power to you Bombay!
rhea808 - November 19, 2009
this is the greatest city in the world
Farah Rustom - April 01, 2010
Dear Karan, This the best video yet,of all the excellent videos of Bombay that you have made. I particularly enjoyed the subliminal glimpses from your other videos -well chosen,and superbly edited. You,Premjit and Dyu make a great trio,and your combined talents have given me great joy. Please make many more such videos. After all,Bombay has limitless facets! Thank you. Farah Rustom
Arif - January 15, 2011
Having visited Mumbai a few times (& also a regular visitor on, I'd say your videos on Mumbai are the most realistic and the ones that do real justice to this great city. Other webpages look almost artificial compared to the true and realistic Mumbai video. THANK YOU
Singh - California - August 16, 2011
Great Video!! I have never been to India but this seems like a great place to go!!

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