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Nogues Celia


6 User Insights - February 14, 2008
This is great. I must start doing this.... - May 30, 2008
Im looking for a hat like TOP CATS [ the cartoon ] any ideas '?
Just Faboo! - September 25, 2008
I would love to see more of your hats.My face is rather square and full,I need more heigth and brim. I love any thing unusual and glamous. For fun I loved your 3 tiered hats.
ALVA HEADWEAR - January 22, 2009
Love the hats, but what about hats for men? Shouldn't those guys with bald or receding hairlines like myself be forced to cover up? Wouldn't they look better?
Ms.D - September 21, 2010
A friend and I went by that hat shop at the beginning of April, 2010, and it was boarded up. We were not happy campers as it took a good 45 minutes, by metro, from my rented apartment in the 6th. Has it relocated and if it has where to? - February 07, 2011
mon amie, we purchased prise de tete chapeaux when we were in France in 2005, 2007 and 2008. However we have been unable to locate aplace where we can purchase more. We even tried to purchase through printemps online. Could you please send us a way of viewing and purchasing from the U.S. Is there any location where the prise de tete hat is sold in the U.S. Nous les aimerions a vendre dans notre gallerie d'art. voila

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