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Grace - September 11, 2008
My daughter and I were in BsAs visiting family all the month of July! We rented an apt. about 3 blocks from this is fantastic! It is a must see. They have many of her outfits, shoes, etc. Even documents and books of hers. Very interesting story of Argentinian history!
Julie - May 20, 2010
This museum is in an elegant house that Evita convinced the government to purchase. She created a temporary home for homeless women and children who were in transition. The best part of the museum are excerpts from Evita's speeches on behalf social justice, health and education of the poor of Argentina. The footage of huge crowds gathered in the Plaza is particularly moving, both during her life and on the news of her death. She lay in state for 14 days! after which her body was stolen. The video details the rest.

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Evita Museum
Buenos Aires

Learn about one of the world's most famous first ladies at Evita Museum.


Museo Evita
Lafinur 2988

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