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Sony - September 01, 2008
During my last visit to Paris, I happened to visit this place by chance. This is a good and cheap option to collect some of your favorites.
Ariel - January 07, 2009
When i went to paris, i visited this place as well. I thought that it was amazing... so many different books, and pictures... truly amazing!
Ana-Luisa Casaurang - June 14, 2011
If you visit Paris every summer of your life you'll end up here, with "les bouquinistes de la Seine", always!
Clotilde - August 14, 2011
I spent a good hour at the bouquiniste du pont neuf flicking through their antique books and talking liverature, politics and art. I brought some stories by La Fontaine for my god daughter. You can't find books like these anymore. They are true works of art.

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