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Mike - February 17, 2007
Buenos Aires really has the best ice cream in the world. What's also cool is that they have home delivery!
Rafael - March 20, 2007
Chocolate ice cream with Dolce de Leche, unbeatable. Ice cream in Buenos Aires rocks.
Gustavo - December 29, 2007
With this videos I can show my friends how good the icecreams of Buenos Aires are. I miss them here in London !
Pitts Wilson - February 13, 2008
No doubt, the ice cream here is fantastic. I cannot wait to get back to try it again.
Grace - May 05, 2008
Yes!!! The ice cream is unbelievable. It is the best in the world....Freddo's is my favorite place to go. Can't wait to go back this July and eat some.
Laura - May 13, 2008
Try Cadore in Villa del Parque. This family has owned this business for years. They come from Italy every summer to make the best ice cream. I hope they still are there. I have been out of the country for 14 years! - August 01, 2008
Check out the "Best Icecream" in the world............Buenous Aires! rose
Ray - August 30, 2008
Volta on Avenida Santa Fe, Buenos Aires has the best ice-cream on the world. The gelato is on another level.
Grace - September 11, 2008
My daughter and I were in BsAs a whole month in July and even though it was winter, we had ice cream many times!!! We love it.
max - October 22, 2008
I like victoria Cream. The ice cream is unbelievable.We love it.
alix - October 14, 2009
need to know about all things sweet in argentina got any suggestions?

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