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Marais. What is the name? - February 19, 2008
The French lady told us the address, but I couldn't understand it so I can write it down and find it on the map: only know it's in the Marais, 14th Arrondisement???? Help!!!
Pain Vin Fromage - February 20, 2008
3, Rue Geoffroy l'angevin, 75004 Paris
Zoe - April 30, 2008
No the Marais is in the 4th arrondissement. Hope it helped!
Jessica Weidman - September 06, 2008
Hello, I just found your website and I have a question for you. Several years ago a stranger told me of a restaurant in France that served a rare cheese that is several years old (hundreds) that was found in a cave. His son was stationed in France and the took them there. The son had made reservations almost a year before because the waiting list was so long. Do you have any idea the name of the restaurant or the name of the cheese? The only information that I have is that the cheese was so old that did not know how it was made and the cheese was found in a cave. Also, the cheese was VERY expensive because of the limited quantity. Thank you for any in formation you may have, Jessica Weidman
starman1695 - November 17, 2008
The Marais and the Cheese Shop are in the 4th not the 14th.
Bob - December 06, 2008
I'm so glad I saw this video - I stayed in a little hotel not far from this restaurant and although I wanted to try it I never did - now when I go back I'll have to make sure I don't miss it!
jenlim - April 13, 2009
i did not understand what the lady guide said about a famous clothes shop nearby..
Vera - August 09, 2009
I have watched and enjoyed thoroughly all of the short videos filmed by Sandra Imwinkel. My family is planning a June 2011 trip to Paris and all this information is very helpful.
Pamela - February 25, 2010
I'm delighted to have happened along this site. I will be traveling to Paris July, 2010 for the Tour De France, now tell me, where is the best place to sit and watch the cyclists come in?
Paola - October 05, 2010
These videos are awesome, Im planning my first trip to Paris in 03/2011 and I want to learn everything I can before getting in the plane!
Soosot Zerrudo - November 16, 2010
I am so glad I found this site...we will surely be having a meal here after Christmas...SCLZ, HongKong

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