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asha - July 17, 2009
I have been to India twice and loved it so much and felt completely at home. Love your videos even though they make me miss Indai more. Could you please put up some more information on nightclubs in India. good luck
alexandra - July 29, 2009
this is really the king of the fruits Mangoe is my favourite fruit and you are absolutely right it is best eaten whole.Am yet to visit india but am pretty crazy about every thing india except their down right horrible tradition against women and the caste system.AM NIGERIAN.
Farah Rustom - April 01, 2010
Dear premjit, You are SO right! If you eat mango pieces with a tea spoon half the taste is gone -if not more! Of course,the mango slice must be put in one's mouth to relish the full flavor of its delicious flesh! Thank you also for showing us how a mango and be kneaded with one's fingers and its flesh sucked through an opening at the top. You are a real joy,Premjit! Bless you! Please remain just as you are.Don't EVER change! By the way,the fact that Alphonsos are being exported to the US is news to me.As yet I see nothing but those supremely disappointing Mexican mangos in the Supermarket. You are a real joy,Premjit. Thanks again.

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