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Manisha Joshi - June 16, 2007
Marine Drive is one of my favorite places in Mumbai. The entire drive with its high rise corporate buildings and beautiful flats is comparative to ocean view streets in the U.S. But only in Mumbai can you get the mix of fresh coconut water, hot peanuts and street performers alongside five-stars hotels and air-conditioned shops. That's the beauty of India.
Mihir Mehta - August 03, 2008
See the world and then see Mumbai's Marine drive. Subtle in its own way, its refreshing as the spirit of Mumbai. Monsoon is the best time to hang around at Marine Drive with the heavy showers right in your face. A night stroll with lights on, gives you a feel of a big city at your helm. A hot coffee by a vendor on bycycle is welcome.
rhea808 - November 19, 2009
this place is gorgeous at night, I have been around the queen's necklace stretch with my college buddies many times. this is the greatest city on the planet! truly
Amit Shah - June 11, 2010
This is my home. I have the privilege of staying in this wonderful location !!!
firdousi rafika - October 27, 2010
i just love marine drive and find an eternal bliss out here.... God's loveliest creation...
amit - April 22, 2011
very sweet memories for me

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Marine Drive

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