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rohan storey - September 08, 2007
Fantastic - love the Victorian Gothic and fusion stuff ! Melbourne Australia where I am is supposed to be a great Victorian City, but ours is all classic revival, not so exhuberant ! Hope you not only keep it, but clean it up to show off the colours better....
Farah Rustom - March 28, 2010
Dear Karan and Premjit, Thank you for the video of Victorian Gothic buildings in South Bombay. Having been born and brought up on Wodehouse Road,Colaba,all these landmarks were within walking distance for me,and I walked by most of them every day of my life.Little did I dream,then,that I would not see them again for 24 long years! Your videos are a priceless gift for the nostalgia-filled Indian diaspora. I spent four happy years at Elphinstone college,from where I graduated. I wish you could have also gone inside the college and shown us the wonderful circular stairs inside the turrets. The same goes for Victoria Terminus.But I suppose that these days there must be restrictions on filming just about everywhere.How sad it all is. By the way,Victoria Terminus was built in the MID-nineteenth century,and not the late. Still,it was great to see the Majestic Hotel(heaven alone knows what it is called now) and Waterloo Mansions among other precious Victorian Gothic buildings in which South Bombay abounds. Your camera focused on the wrong building for Esplanade Mansions.It is made of long iron beams and long,open metal balconies, and iron grilled stairs. I was born in the Parsi Lying-in Hospital,opposite Cathedral school, - another old Victorian Gothic building. Perhaps you could do a video on St.George's and JJ Hospitals, the King Edward memorial Hospital,(popularly known as the K.E.M. hospital)as well as the one where I was born. I show your precious videos of Bombay to my American students and friends. Keep up the good work,and please make many,many more. Suggestions: The few remaining old buildings at Cuffe Parade,Ducksbury Point,Ridge Road and Seeree Road on Malabar Hill,The Parsee Towers of Silence, Afghan Church area,the older part of Wodehouse Road,off Majestic Hotel,Azad Maidan,Cross Maidan,the pavement shopping arcades between Flora Fountain and V.T. and whatever else you wish. Thank you for giving me precious ,little bits of my Bombay back to me,and to the world. Farah Rustom

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