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Kiran - February 22, 2007
Golgapas are awesome. But you gotta watch out for clean water etc. when eating them from street carts.
Akash - February 24, 2007
I love chaat. Papdi and golgapas are my favorite.
Saj R - February 27, 2007
I have always enjoyed the food at Bengali sweets. Do people know other good clean chaat places in Delhi?
piyush - March 06, 2007
I think Haldiram serves chaat in Delhi, they have many shops.
Monty - March 09, 2007
Spicy chaat and garam chai with that, then life is just fine.
Deepak S - March 12, 2007
There are places in Delhi now that serves Golgapas with mineral water. I think all the nice places do that now. but you're right, you have to ask.
Subhanshu - March 20, 2007
If you are a typical delhite, you just can't get enough of this local food, especially the mouth watering golgappas..:)
Anubha - November 26, 2007
chaat papdi, gol gaPPA AND PARANTHA'S OF DELHI ARE JUST AWESOME......EVEN FEW SMAL SHOPS IN OLD DELHI SERVE THE BEST FOOD I COULD EVER HAVE......and moreover chandani chowk or old delhi is really famous for its food...ohh!!! its really mouth watering food.....except bengali sweets its haldiram, bikaner, kaleva to name a few.......
Kamal Unvala - June 05, 2009
Hey, Why are you making me feel miserable? I am in Melbourne and cannot have this great stuff and makes me unhappy, Send me some please! enjoy your chaat!
anubhav - December 31, 2010
No need to go to the branded chat shops. The ones along the street corners serve the actual stuff, a bit spicy, but it contains the actual flavour chaat is supposed to have...
abby - January 30, 2011
I was in New Delhi last December was a nice experience..I miss the food terribly.. :-)

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Chaat - Local Food
New Delhi

Chaat - popular local food in North India that includes Samosas, Papdi, and Golgapas.

27-37, Bengali Market, Connaught Place

Method of payment
Accepts Credit Cards

Daily 7 am to 11 pm.

Getting There/Directions
Metro - To Barakhamba road stop.

You can also take a taxi or autorickshaw. Most of the drivers will know about Bengali Sweets.

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