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jenny - July 18, 2007
I like it. Next summer, I'm going to go there to see my sisters and friends. I will like it.
karen - September 18, 2007
but actually..Chrysanthemum is national flower of not cherry blosssom
Michael Trippiedi - October 28, 2007
Jenny, It is during early spring there in Japan and not in the summer time. It appears that the same is basically true in Washington, D.C. where near the Jefferson Memorial where the Japanese Cherry trees are. In Japan in late winter-early spring, there are news of where the blossoms, known as sakura are about to blossom. It depends on the part of Japan. Sakura blooms more earlier in the southern parts of Japan and later in the northern island of Horraido. Hope this helps.
akhtizar - October 31, 2007
i like to know very much about the cherry blossom the story about that.
Bunky - March 13, 2010
I'am from canada and been japan 27 times over the years and have lived there for over 2 years. Spring and fall in japan are best time to travel! Spring is cherry blossom season and yes is perfect time to look at the many cherry blossom throughout japan. Its also best time to meet new people, drink and party! Yahooo hope to see you japan eh!

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Cherry Blossom

See how Tokyo celebrates cherry blossom festival or hanami.

Throughout Tokyo

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End March/Early April

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