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Sumi - October 29, 2007
It would have been great if you could have also suggested some good places to pick up bangles, both places with good prices and those with unique/interesting designs.
Bugjune - November 22, 2007
Sumi, If you're ever in Chandigarh, go to Sector 22 for the most enormous selection of bangles. This market has both open air and covered stalls that offer a wide array in colors and styles.
Richa - December 16, 2007
If you want a good variety of bangles in Delhi then go to the bangle market behind Hanuman Mandir in CP. Its a great place!
Neha - March 31, 2008
If you want to buy ood bangles in Delhi , go to Chandni Chowk Bangles market, varity in bangles plus less rates
Taibah - August 10, 2009
Hi there! video was really cool. I was woundering if you could give me the number and address of were they sell all these bangles, as i am about to start an business in asian clothes and accessories. I would really appreciate your help. Thank you
Lynda Jayant - October 17, 2009
I was in and around the Chandi Chowk area of Delhi in September....and it is more intriguing than what is shown on this sight. It was an amazing adventure. You definitely need more than a day here. St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

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