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Ann Kurek - May 04, 2007
As nice as this clip is, it doesn't capture the energy of a Saturday morning with all the local shoppers, outdoor diners and street performers. This is easily my new favorite spot in Paris. On Sunday there is also a farmers market around the corner.
Laurie Quinn - September 01, 2007
We stumbled on this street last year, and I am so pleased to have found a new spot after many trips to Paris. We stopped at a cafe on the corner for some great people watching. On a weekday at lunchtime, we were able to see many nicely dressed fashionable Parisians. This was a great relief after the crush of so many tourists at other spots. Thank you for these beautiful and fun videos to remind me of Paris and make me excited for my next trip! Laurie
Heather - September 04, 2007
I am going here in 6 days with a group of friends and after watching this video it has made me even more excited.
Alexandra - November 08, 2007
A friend of mine is travelling to Paris next week and as I lived in Paris for 6 years, I was making an itinerary of nice places to visit and I discover your web site... I must say it´s awesome! I sent him the link.. thank you so much for doing such a great job!
Tim - May 01, 2009
I don't know why the subtitles say the RER is a bus. It's not. It's a train. Try Al Boustan, the lebanese restaurant at number 21. Great food, and really well-priced.
Oliver - August 13, 2009
My wife based half our 3 nights in Paris based on these guides and we had a wonderful holiday. Thanks for all your help.

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