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Raj P - March 04, 2007
Amber Fort is little bit ouside of Jaipur so you have to take a taxi to get there. The fort look fairly tough and has some of the classic design elements of Rajasthan forts. There's an elephant ride that you can take in the fort.
Manoj - March 05, 2007
I was at Amber Fort in Jaipur few years ago. First thing you say to yourself, how can anyone think about attacking this fort? I agree, the fort is very imposing.
James - October 06, 2007
The fort is OK, but for a real breathtaking experience go to the fort above the hills at night (sorry I have forgotten the name), waaay better than Amer.
Aathira - December 28, 2008
I am planning a trip to Jaipur, and now this featured on the itinerary.
Kishor tyagi - August 08, 2009
Amber fort is very attractive place & it was very exciting to see the word's largest cannon (तोप)
dheeraj - August 18, 2010
Situated in Amber, Jaipur, the Amber palace showcases the exquisite blend of Mughal and Hindu architecture. Originally the work on fort was started by Raja Man Singh 1, army commander of Mughal Emperor in 1592 and was later on completed by Mirza Raja Singh and Swami Jai Singh.

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Amber Fort

Catch the glimpse of a historic fort in Rajasthan.

Approx 7 miles from Jaipur on Delhi Jaipur Highway.

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