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Sandra Quesenberry - October 16, 2007
Hello! Thank you for these lovely clips of Paris neighborhoods. I have purchased a fractional share of an apartment on rue Ferdinand Duval and your film makes me want to be in Paris now! I only wish I spoke French so I could feel more a part of these beautiful neighborhoods. I promise I will practice.
Abbott Katz - November 22, 2007
Try the crenes at Korcasz on Rue des Rosier, and the American-sized portions at Mickey's Deli on that street -- genial!
emily weinberger - April 25, 2008
loved your website. Will be visiting Paris in early May and would love to take tour of the Jewish quarter in Paris. Where would we go to do this ? Thank you so much. Emily
Francesc, Barcelona - September 16, 2008
Don't miss pastry portions and bread at Patisserie Murciano on Rue des Rosiers. "Murciano" is a person from Murcia, a city located in South-eastern Spain. Most Sephardi Jews took names from the places where they lived, as well as from fruit trees and agriculture.

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Rue des Rosiers

The heart of Jewish Quarter in Paris, with a unique charm and ambience.

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