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hi - August 06, 2007
Rioko is a great host. She makes the video more intresting because she is experiencing the storyline. Her videos are very interesting.
karina - January 23, 2008
i love this! did these two girls move to tokyo especially for the fashion?
claire - May 25, 2008
i ask the same question as karina... i'd love to do that, jst move there one day. wish i had friends who are interested in it like me ><
eleonora (italy) - December 02, 2008
very interesting! i think harajuku -"style" or movement- could replace Vivienne Westwood's work in London 1977, that is when wearing becomes a artistic experience, but so close to our generation, not more than 30 yrs ago, i mean, we are young now and harajuku is contemporary! I think in italy we sould talk more about harajuku! very compliments to the authors!

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