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Aarzoo - March 04, 2007
Wenger's is amazing! You will not know what to pick her. If you're a chocolholic like me, their chocolate truffle cakes are to die for :-)
Geoffrey Brown - March 18, 2007
As a young child in Delhi in 1934 I remember being taken to Wengers as a special treat by my parents for an ice cream after my tonsils had been removed in the Lady Willingdon hospital. It had a high reputation then - it is good to know that it is as high as ever.
henna - October 19, 2007
HI, I have been living in the US for 10 yrs and I grew up eating Wengers, They has been consistant in their quality and taste for the last 30 yrs I have known, I still go there and those have not, must go or you are missing something. I wish they shipped coz I would be the first to order. The taste is amazing on the Palette. Almost Heavenly. take care have fun
shikha - May 22, 2008
wengers is just 2 gud......everything 4m pasteries to patties is chocolate truffle cake is a must have 4 everybody.i hv been there every week ever since i started living in delhi 2 years back. though th prices r a bit high bt its worth it.
megha - 27 may ,2008 - May 27, 2008
Wengers Wengers Wengers !!! more u say less it will be ............ the stuff is too good n mouth melting .... today only i had yummmmy pasta n pizza which was toooo great .... thanks for giving me a great treat ! keep it up buddy ! ME LOVE WENGERS !!!
Niyati - June 11, 2008
Each time I'm in CP, I can't resist myself from goin to Wengers.The bakery's aroma just leads me to the outlet. I am sure it holds to everyone!
Muru - July 16, 2008
One of my favarite place in Connaught place... I never forget the Shami Kabab and the milk shake...
Vimal Saini - June 11, 2009
thanks for the good suggestion to go to Wenger's ,its nice place to enjoy bakery items.
Abhay - August 23, 2009
A must go place for people visiting Delhi. Its Amazing!!!

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New Delhi

Popular bakery that has existed for the last 80 years.


A-16 Connaught Place, New Delhi

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