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sam in cape canav fl - October 14, 2007
i dont know why this instrument has not reached farther into mainstream music in america
pernille Kierulff-Hansen - November 08, 2007
Thank you Umak. This is a great video and experience with the sitar.
Electric Sitars - price? - December 10, 2007
Hello Sanjay, How much for your electric sitars? also, are you aware of any challenges of transporting them via airplane or mail? I'm an American tourist, and I will visit India this January.
bobby - January 18, 2008
hello sanjay im here in hyderabad now.where can i find that sitar shop in delhi?and how much is the cost of electric sitar? coz im planning to bring that in philippines.
sitar lover - August 14, 2008
hello sanjay, where can i find that sitar shop in delhi? i want to buy one for a friend in the states. thank u
Thomas Kodiattu - August 21, 2008
For music lovers and curious about it, the address of this shop, please pause around 0:06 or before, you can watch the address on the name board. But I searched the website and found as 144, Bhagat Singh Market New Delhi-110001 India. Tel/Fax : +91 11 23340496 Cell : +91 9891317177 Website : Email :, Hope this will help you all!
jun - September 02, 2008
hi!! sanjay, m a sitar student.. m planning to buy a sitar bco'z m studying sitar in here in phil w/ my guru.. hw much it will cost if m ordering in ur shop? thnks!!!!
niharika - August 20, 2009
Is this a same person SANJAY RIKHI RAM who recently design a new STUDIO SITAR FOR MAESTRO RAVI SHANKAR??????????
sourav - October 20, 2009
what would a kharaj pancham sitar cost for for me if i would export one from your shop to raipur {chattisgarh}?

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