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Lotta Norell - April 19, 2007
I will be visiting Buenos Aires and Ateneo next week. I would like to know if the Marathon Bible by David Styles can be found in your store? Thank you
Anthony Cain - September 02, 2007
Ginger I have been watching your videos and it makes me want to visit Buenos Aires. This is a wonderful overview of what to expect when I do visit. The city owes you a dept of gratitude for stiring an interest in their city. I never knew it was such a wonderful place to visit. You should team up with Robert Duval when he visits his in-Laws, I hear he does a mean Tango. Anthony Cain
Carl - October 29, 2007
An amazing bookstore, great architecture.
George Bowering - November 08, 2007
Thank you for the pictures. I will be there in early January, looking for works by Adolfo Bioy Casares.
Peter Winterble - November 18, 2007
Since moving here in 2005 from New York City, one of the marvelous discoveries has been that there are as many (or more) book stores here as there are there. It reflects the high literacy rate in Argentina and the culture's respect for the written word. Academicians will feel right at home. Thanks for the videos.
Robert Lippman - August 18, 2008
Thank you, My daughter just started a sememster abroad and is attending "UDDT" University and she is living off campus. Her first love is books and she has shared this wonderful Store with us-her parents. We will be in Argentina in October and this will surely be a visit for us...... Thanks, Bob Lippman and Family Saugerties/Woodstock New York
georgina mccleary - November 03, 2008
i have just returned from Buenos Aires, and after watching your films, i decided to visit quite a few of the places on your films! i just wanted to say thank you for all the info. this bookstore is absolutely gorgeous!!! and has a lovely feel to it, when you are there.
Grace from California, USA - January 09, 2009
The Ateneo is amazing! I love bookstores and this is the best I have seen. It is like a Starbucks/Barnes and Noble in the USA but with an old, beatiful flair. It is worth visiting.
James Eckblad - March 10, 2009
Certainly the most beautiful bookstore that I have visited, and I've been to hundreds!!! I can't wait to go back to Buenos Aires, just to visit El Ateneo!
Deirdre - August 21, 2009
Hi there are any of the books ion english at this store??

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Recoleta neighborhood

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