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nilu - June 25, 2007
great food, great people.
lohita - October 19, 2007
great place to work ( they have wireless)and hang out with friends and ofcourse amazing food
Tifffany - November 15, 2007
i never been here..but i think it is really kewl.
NIdhi Gujral Elhaissouni - November 15, 2007
Hi there, Was on vac in Mumbia with my husband from Boston and our very dear friend, Sameep took us to ur Bagel Shop. Best tuna sandwich I've ever had!! Hope to come again one day, Inshallah !! The girl with the hep hair cut :)
gabriel cardoso - August 16, 2008
great food,great atmosphere and great people
WENDY - April 06, 2010
Hi Premjit. First of all, let me tell you what a good job you are doing with these very interesting videos and insights into eating places in Mumbai. Frankly, I'm living in Bandra and didn't know about the Bagel Shop. Will definitely check it out.
Rashid Omer - May 18, 2010
Bravo. Why don't you do some videos on famous and authentic reciepes?

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Bagel Shop

If you are craving for bagels in India, check out the Bagel Shop.


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