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Rita - February 22, 2007
Besides the obvious humorous aspects of laughter exercise, it really does help reduce stress. You feel that right away. Not sure about its other benefits though.
Kiran - March 09, 2007
Still don't buy it. Seems all fun. I don't see how laughter yoga can be a workout.
Jade - February 05, 2008
I love it! A beautiful topic to reveal..many thanks!
jiten kohi - March 26, 2008
Laughter Yoga is the simplest way of meditation, it reaches you a no mind situation, and relex your body, mind & soul. join us at A unique stress bursting technique very good very good very good
Amar Deep Singhal - July 08, 2008
Best way to forget urself and enjoy being human as only human being can laugh...
Jane - October 02, 2008
Great ! Very good topic and film ! I just had one evening discovering laughter yoga... :-) Keep smiling !
D K b - June 21, 2009
It works to reduce tension Great work Jiten Kohi. Very Good video
Ernie Oktay - November 09, 2009
I am a Kripalu certified Laughter Yoga Teacher.. We hold Laughter Yoga Circles every sunday night at Downingtown Pa. for free to give back to the community. Its been AWESOME because Everyone we know is so stressed out.Laughter Yoga does not change your problems, but it changes how you relate to them and it gives you the opportunity to be more compassionate and kind to yourself and than to others. Laughter is the best medicine. Namaste
Bharati - January 11, 2010
Very beneficial all organs are getting exercises.

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