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shefali - July 30, 2007
its true....if there is something called SIMPLE and ZEN its here.........the food here is out of this world...the best part is its employees who are really nuts about feel as if you are at funfilled restaurant....everything is just perfect here...
swapna daswani - August 30, 2007
Henry Tham restaurant is my favourite chinese restaurant in Mumbai.... it has a great ambience, the seafood is absolutely mind blowing....a must visit for anyone who enjoys chinese food!!!!!!!!!
anirudh - September 06, 2007
I got surprised when i went to celebrate my anniversary in Henry Tham Restaurant. The moment staff came to know it was my anniversary, all of a sudden there was a gang of boys and girls surrounding us. It was scary but after a while when they sang the song of celebration I felt like the most special person. Its really a great place to take your fiance to me never seen such an energy in a restaurant..its a lifestyle in here.
rhea808 - November 19, 2009
I havent been here but I have been to two other really good Chinese cuisine restaurants in Mumbai. One was Mainland China (at andheri) and the other China valley (at powai) and the food was great.

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Henry Tham

Authentic Chinese food in this upscale restaurant and lounge.


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