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Valintino - July 25, 2007
Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi
Emil - September 20, 2007
what a city!
Help me find the best perfume ever!! - March 23, 2008
my stepfather went to paris in the late 80s- eary 90s, and brought back a perfume that could never be matched. I have searching for it for years. Please help me find it. It's spelled either Cyane /cayne/canye
Anna - March 30, 2008
I love the perfumes of Etat Libre d'Orange! Try them if you have the chance.
Barbara - June 26, 2008
Hello, I've been triny to find this perfum name Demi'Jon not sure who makes it but I'm sure it from paris. It comes in a round bottle with a gold top. the sent is of woodys and spicy if you know of this perfume please! e-mail me at Thank you, Barbara
Jeani Bennett - November 12, 2008
Looking for "Sinan de Jean-Marc Sinan"
Nancy - February 04, 2011
I, too, have been looking for Sinan, Jean Marc Sinan of Paris perfume. I will be in Paris 24 Feb 11 to 28Feb. Please advise where to buy.
fatie Hashim - April 25, 2011
Hi! Was wondering where can I get a perfume called CARA. I'm visiting Paris this June,please kindly advise me. TQ

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