Basit Jamal


Madhu Prasad


3 User Insights - September 24, 2007
Mrs. Madhu: it´s a delicious dishes! perfect for me, at this moment i am on diet i wil try it. Thank you so much.
Dr.Grace - November 17, 2007
Mrs Madhu,Its really good to see somelive indian cooking on net.I am from USA & i have lost touch with indian cooking.I was just browsing the net at that time i saw ur video clip.I did & tried it,it was really nice.Thanks u.
Mitesh - March 11, 2008
Something new as compared to common spicy red tikka's. I will surely try making it your way and hope it turns out good.

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Chicken Tikka - Food
New Delhi

One of the most popular Indian dishes. Watch how it's made in a home in India.

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