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jon turner - October 19, 2007
Just like being there-thanks! - February 22, 2008
Do you have a list of expenses to have cremated remains buried in you cemetery? I love the information on your location. Rusty
Michelle Nolder - March 10, 2009
My husband and I visited Pere Lachaise a few years ago. It was a wonderful experience, but one that you need to dedicate a lot of time to. Map out your trip before you go. You must stop to see Jim Morrison.
Leo - March 01, 2010
Much too bad that so many people mention only Morrison at the Pere Lachaise. They should know that there are Balzac, Beaumarchais, Bellini, Bizet, Champollion, Cherubini, Corot, Chopin, Daudet, David, Delacroix, Edith Piaf, Gericault, Haussmann, Heloise et Abelard, Ingres, Michelet, Molière et La Fontaine, Musset, Oscar Wilde, Parmentier, Pissaro, Proust, Rossini, Sarah Bernhardt,
Daniel - June 14, 2010
I've been to Pere Lachaise three times - I enjoy it more then the Louve to be honest - it's like an outdoor museum - I found a great guide book called Meet Me At Pere Lachaise - nice little tour of about 30 of the most popular graves and gave lots of neat info about famous people I new little about. Here's the site I found it at

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Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Final resting place for many world famous personalities like Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison.

16 Rue du Repos

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