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ted - July 11, 2011
when i was young i used to climb the two hills that form part of my aunt's property in Cangmayang Diyot area of Sagbayan not knowing that it was part of the world famous tourist attraction. wow!! it was one of the most exhilarating experience of my boyhood years...

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Hundreds of the hills fill the horizon, symmetrical and, in the dry season, chocolate-colored. Unfortunately, these limestone hills are not as tasty as the chocolate kisses that inspired their name. The name comes from the deep brown color of the dried grass in summer. Besides their unusual color, the hills are interesting for their regular and symmetric shape. There are approximately 1,500 of these remarkable hills in the Bohol province of the Phillippines. There are several bizarre legends about the origins of these hills, all involving giants.

Chocolate Hills

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