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Rana - February 18, 2007
Dilli Haat is good for buying traditional things at reasonable prices for souvenirs back home.
Kiran - February 22, 2007
They have got foods from all over India and it is pretty cheap.
Karan M - March 10, 2007
Dilli Haat is a good place to visit to get a taste of all different cultures India has to offer. I recommend visiting the Himachal Pradesh area and trying the Chicken Momo in the food section. You will redefine your definition of dumplings :-)
Rishi Chugh - March 16, 2007
Dilli Haat has emerged as a good alternative to Janpath Market, while buying traditional handicraft, munch on food from different states in India.
A. J. Thomas - March 16, 2007
Delhi's Dilli Haat is like the cliff notes of various Indian traditions and foods. No time to go to many places in India? Take a quick tour in Dilli Haat.
SBakshi - March 17, 2007
Is the concept of Dilli Haat only in Delhi? Are there similar ones outside of Delhi?
Priyanka - March 17, 2007
SBakshi-yes you can find the same concept near delhi also; its called Surajkund crafts fare more popularly "surajkund mela" on the sukhna road to Faridabad..but only in the month of Februray every year..wherin you can find the best of traditional stuff from all over the country!!
SBakshi - March 18, 2007
Priyanka, thank you. Do you know if there's something similar to Dilli Haat in the south and west India?
Priyanka - March 19, 2007
Mr Bakshi- can't say anything about the west India but sometime back i was in Kerala for a few days and i saw the same concept in a big store, dnt remember the name exaclty but i am sure its on the Fort Kochi Road, Kochi(or Cochin; whatever you say). Thats a very big store where u can find unique antiques never seen before.
rohit - October 04, 2007
Have you taken some clips or videos on North-eastern part of india specially assam like what kind od stalls they have put in..
Pushpa - November 17, 2007
see chicken suits

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Dilli Haat
New Delhi

A permanent traditional festival that showcases crafts, culture, and foods from different parts of India.

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Items available at Dilli Haat - Gems, beads, brassware, metal crafts, silk, woollens, and others.

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