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shilpa - November 23, 2007
i love my india,(mumbai) & missed very very much.
Farah Rustom - April 01, 2010
Thank you,Karan and Deepa.Great job! As an exile of 24 years from Bombay,where I was born and brought is an inexpresible joy for me,to have glimpses of places whose presence I took for gtranted. For instance,I used to buy gold jewelry from Jhaveri Bazar. Two young scions of the family of the renowned jewellers Tibhovandas Bhimji Jhaveri attended an English class that I taught at the Indo-American Society.They were both model young men,gracious and courteous,and always in immaculate white silk shirts with diamond studded cuffe links. How I long for the bangle sellers,and street vendors of Pythoni,the gorgeous textiles of Mangaldas Market, and so much more! When I was there,I had no idea what a privilege it was to be born and brought up in Bombay,and living in Colaba. I took it all for granted! One only realizes the full value of a thing when one has lost it. FarahRustom,

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