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I'd like to show you the top 10 attractions of Madrid, Spain. Plaza de Cibeles - Madrid is known for many beautiful squares like this one. The Cibeles fountain is an important symbol of this city. Almudena Cathedral - It took more than 100 years to complete its construction in 1993. The original site was occupied by Madrid's first mosque. Puerta del Sol - Madrids busiest square. A famous landmark here shows "the bear and the strawberry tree". Temple of Debod - Many people are surprised to learn that there's an ancient Egyptian temple located right in the middle of Madrid City. Rastro Market - simply stroll through or buy anything you want in this world famous open air market. Retiro Park - Among the world's most beautiful parks, it is a favorite of city locals. There are striking landmarks and nicely landscaped gardens. Reina Sofia Museum - The contemporary art museum houses thousands of great art works from the likes of Picasso and Miro. Plaza Mayor - popular amongst both tourists and locals, it was constructed in 16th century and has been the site of festivities, bull fights, and executions. Royal Palace - This grand, lavish palace is the official residence of the royal family. Prado Museum - one of the greatest museums in the world today, Prado Museum opened in 1819 and houses art works from renowned artists such as Goya and Rubens.

Madrid Top 10 Travel Attractions

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