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RayD - March 07, 2007
My favorite etiquettes in Japan: -don't want to drink anymore? keep the glass full -when someone hands you a business card, hold them with two hands -Yuko talked about shoes off in the etiquette information clip so make sure you are wearing clean socks.
Flick - June 04, 2007
Hehe, funny and informative video! :D Thanks for the tips ~
samantha - July 12, 2007
I was in japan in 2005, all these etiquettes are necessary to know, it's important.
Smellow - August 31, 2007
Yuko is an awesome hostess! I have to stop watching videos on this site!!!!!
Alfredo Galvez - March 16, 2008
Excelent advices, excelent videos, Thank you Yuko and Suresh.
Patricia Santos - May 15, 2008
Thanks a lot Yuku for your advices! I hope I can visit Tokyo someday. Greetings from Perú.
claire - May 25, 2008
i knew they were polite, but i definitely gota remember this advice
amy - November 10, 2008
yuko was an awesome hostess! i have got to rember that, but what about the people who do want to cheat u? ill think about it. they seem like the asian version of the British but more polite

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