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hena - August 24, 2007
Neven - August 28, 2007
Next month I plan to visit Paris, and luckily I've found this beautiful videos, so that after watching all of them , I'm well prepared for Paris. Can't wait to start exploring it.
hannah - February 02, 2008
the sacre couer is such a wonderful place as i can see from this video
Michele - February 05, 2008
i couldnt agree more with hannah and best wishes to neven who has gone to visit paris it is such a beatiful place i hope you enjoyed
ex-pat - April 18, 2008
Montmatre - the area around Sacre Coeur - is the heart and soul of Paris. Put it at the top of your list.
Sarah - June 26, 2008
this video has helped me alot with my homework thanks :)x
Traveller - November 14, 2008
This place has something special about it. After walking my feet raw all over Paris, I finally made my way up to the top of the stairs. A singer was plaing oldies like, "Let it be", and "Aint no sunshine". There were people sitting around enjoying the music together. It was like being a part of something where time stands still. Like standing at an important crossroads in your life - something you'll always remember...
Annie Ella - December 30, 2009
My old neighborhood. I used to take my cat there on Thursdays so she too could get fresh air and grass and watch the birds. There were hordes of tourists only in August in those days and going to the Sacre Coeur gardens was a bit like a trip to the countryside. Looks pretty crowded now. Also,down the hill a couple of fabulous fabric stores where I spent many happy hours hunting for lovely bargains. Sigh....

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Sacre Coeur

The popular landmark and one of the most romantic spots of Paris.



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