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jon - June 03, 2007
an excellent restaurant. perfect food and sevice highly recommended.
Mariah Goodman - October 09, 2007
Looks very good.I would definitely eat there if i lived in France! AND the service is good....
Le Grenier de Notre Dame - August 02, 2008
I would return here in a heart beat. At last, a vegetarian restaurant that is not "all earthshoe and granola", with attractive interior and menu.
Aaron - August 25, 2008
I just returned from Paris. This restaurant was wonderful. The service was fantastic. I will go there every time I am in Paris.
Jennie - February 16, 2009
I visited this restaurant my first night in Paris a year ago. It was superb. Many choices and excellent service. I'm going back in a week with another vegetarian friend and plan on starting my holiday in the same way.
Paula Zimmerman - April 09, 2010
It was very nice to see a video on a vegetarian restaurant. Seems like it has a good wine selection. With everything organic - this is truly a definite stop when we are next in Paris. Merci Beaucoup
Anonymous - November 07, 2011
I'm from Brazil, and I've been there last year and loved the opportunity to eat great vegetarian meal in the sweet and gastronomic Paris.

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Vegetarian Restaurant

There are good options for vegetarians in Paris like Le Grenier de Notre Dame.


5th Arrondissement

18 Rue De La Bûcherie
75005 Paris

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