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Maria - September 01, 2007
Thank you for your very informative video clip. I find that the Metro is the fastest and easiest way to get around Paris when one is pressed for time. A small tip: take a very good breakfast as you will need the energy to climb and descend the many stairs! :-)
Suzanne - September 12, 2007
For foreigners used to exiting and entering trains whose doors open automatically, the point Guenol makes about having to push a button or twist a handle is very important. My husband and I were separated on our first Metro ride in Paris when we assumed the doors would open automatically, as in the U.S. When my husband finally figured it out, he was halfway out the door when the train started to move; he was able to make it out, and I was left behind. As Guenol said, the trains are VERY hot in the summer, although you'd never know it from observing Parisians, who always keep their cool. Watch out for turnstile jumpers who come out of nowhere and can knock you down in their rush to get a free ride.
Rob - March 23, 2009
Keep your ticket with you until you exit... there are ticket inspectors.
jenlim of richmond - April 15, 2009
is the bus line called RER? i may not be able to climb those stairs because of my leg condition so i may have to take the bus.
jworn - June 10, 2010
can someone comment more on the turnstile jumpers. How common are they and do they target certain groups of people - women, children, elderly, other groups? This sounds scary - and should we be on the look out for these people looking for a free ride - are they teenagers or fall into all age groups?
jowrn - June 10, 2010
I am not sure I understand how to figure out which direction a particular train travels along a line - newbie to metro travel. thanks!
Ani - June 30, 2010
Very informative video - much appreciate it. Public transport can be quite intimidating, if not used to it, but this video is a very comforting tool in showing what to expect. Merci!
Ivy - August 07, 2011
Thank you for showing the video! It really helps! I will be travelling to Paris for 5 days for the first time :)
Anonymous - September 27, 2011
Thank you for this wonderful video! SO helpful!

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