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Taki - February 22, 2007
If you have ever seen the traffic in Tokyo, public transportation is the way to go!
TakNYC - October 24, 2007
I agree. PubTran is THEE way to go. I love the subway in Tokyo. So much cleaner and nicer than the ones here in NYC.
claire - May 25, 2008
i'll take his word for it, but until i get there, i still don't understand =S
Jacob - January 09, 2009
Ah the map system is sure like the london underground. But it looks completely cleaner, and we dont have the machine where we pay the difference. our gates will just say *seek assistance* and you'd be basically stuck.
Jay ( - February 15, 2009
Can we (4Pax) travel by our own car with GPS? IN tOKYO AND AROUND jAPAN?
Nerderella - August 30, 2009
This works perfectly! If you're staying longer that a week though I heard that a SUICA card is the way to go. You can get one at the airport when you arrive in Tokyo :)

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