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Sammy - February 14, 2007
Jaipur is known for jewelry. I didn't know about Gem Palace until I saw this video...everything looks so amazing. Will defn. visit the store the next time I'm there.
Nrtiusn - March 04, 2007
These guys have some of the most expensive Jewelery around.
Anonymous - September 20, 2007
yah, the stuff in here is really good- although a bit on the very expensive side....considering you are in jaipur, you'd think prices would reflect that -compared to mumbai- but its not the case
shivangini - January 09, 2008
i've been to the place. every piece is stunning and classy..
Pamie - February 20, 2008
I love the jewellery. I think Gem Palace is one the best store in the world!!!!
shandell - July 05, 2008
The most amazing store,,overwhelming with rich colour and choice.Beautiful old and new jewellery,something for everyone.I bought my engagement ring from gem palace, in the eighties,cant wait to go back and have another look some day.
akshay kabra - August 27, 2008
jaipur is known for gems stone jewellry.
Anonymous - May 26, 2009
Gem palace is amazing! I visited the place two months back and they have the most beautiful pieces of jewellery around. I strongly intend to visit it again some time soon as i fancied on a bangle there. wish my fiance surprises me with it :)
Anonymous - September 07, 2011
Its really Awesome, next time i will definitely visit there.

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Gem Palace

Customers of this jewellery place have included Mick Jagger, Nicole Kidman, and Jackie Onassis.


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