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MK - February 12, 2007
What's interesting in the video is the chef's hand movements. He certainly seems experienced in preparing sushi but it's fascinating to watch him move his hands, almost like an art form.
Tom - February 13, 2007
As one would imagine, Tokyo has plenty of good seafood restaurants. But if you are looking for the freshest sushi in Tokyo, go to Tsukiji fish market - people line up at insanely early hours like 5/6 am for sushi.
su - March 29, 2007
great introduction..
alicia - March 30, 2007
Roppongi Hill is one of sightseeing spots I like the most in Tokyo, in particular MORI art museum
Flick - June 04, 2007
Loved this video! :D Thank you! And I agree with MK, can definitely see that the chef is experienced! I haven't tried sea urchin before so will definitely think about trying it when I go to Japan.
MG - June 04, 2007
I tried to make sushi myself and it came out okay but the ability of this chef relly Impressed me. It takes me at least 15 minutes to make one of the thin rolls and he did it in 1-2 min!!
Patrick - November 04, 2007
Someone once told me that it's considered impolite in Japan to take small bites out of sushi, that it should be eaten in one bite. Is this true? Thanks
KOH - June 23, 2010
It's interesting video ! But you make a mistake about "gari". It is not horse radish. Horse radish is "wasabi". Gari are pickles of thinly-sliced-ginger.
Cristina - August 01, 2010
You're great! Your videos are extremely explicit about life in Tokio. I can't wait to get there!

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