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Hannah - October 09, 2007
THe Bastille Market looks like a very interesting place. When i went it all looked so good and yummy!!!!!!!!
Sandra - October 16, 2007
When I visit Paris, I usually stay in the Bastille district and the market is always on my list. The variety is extensive, the cheese pungent and the fruit exceptionally fresh. I tried my first raw date at the Bastille market.
Andrew - May 21, 2008
I was at the Bastille Market in October 2007 during my first visit to Paris. A person I started speaking to on the street saw that I was cold in my light jacket(I live in Los Angeles) and recommended I go there to get an inexpensive coat. What a great surprise to find this amazing marketplace. There are farmer's markets in California, but they can't really compare to the variety and oddity of the Bastille market. Anyone in Paris on a Sunday should go there.
Ann, July 2008 - July 17, 2008
Going to the Bastille Market was one of the highlights of my trip to Paris. We stayed in an apt. in the Bastille neighborhood and walked down to the market where there was such a variety of offerings and foods that looked exquisite; clothes, too. My, anything you wanted seemed that you could get there. Then, suddenly, it was closing, and within 30 minutes all was back to the original open air boulevard, not much trace left that there had been a bustleling market only a short while ago. Have to wait until next Thursday when it's back again!
Jason - September 23, 2008
We went to the market with our children when we visted Paris. The smells, the raw display without the shrink wrap packaging was a site for the kids to behold. Always a great Sunday morning visit...arrive early and watch the dance unfold.
Tiffany - October 26, 2008
My first time visiting Paris, the taxi driver pointed out the outdoor Bastille Market. I am happy he did that because it was a great experience. I stay at Ibis Hotel right by the market and following the taxi driver's advice I changed into good walking shoes so that I could enjoy the market.
Bob - December 06, 2008
I was introduced to this market by a friend of mine who was my neighbor in NY years ago - later, when I rented an apt. in this neighborhood, it was my local market - this video brings back so many wonderful memories for me! Besides doing my grocery marketing, I used to buy all kinds of things here - clothing, kitchen gadgets, gifts - it was all there.
phil anderson - February 28, 2009
Wonderful! Love public markets, fresh produce, fish, local wine - ahh, we want to live in Paris for awhile!
Dipanwita -May, 2010 - May 26, 2010
It was wonderful to be at the market. It was thriving, full of life in the Sunday morning sun. Everything, dress, gift tinklets, grocery, food was on display, the shopkeepers were so friendly. Thanks God, I got down from the bus to see it.
Chun-Lin Su, 蘇春霖 - June 11, 2010
I am from Tainan City, Taiwan. When I travel Paris, I surely take my family to tHe Bastille Market. It is wonderful. I will again stay in Paris this summer, so I will be there.
Margaret - October 12, 2010
Where would you recommend My Husband and I stay in the Bastille District. Cheap, clean and friedly.

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Bastille Market

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