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AV - October 20, 2007
Nothing to beat street food from amchi mumbai
Fari - March 12, 2008
While watching the video, my mouth started watering and am just longing to come back to Mumbai and savour all the stuff. My favouorites were and still remain are batata wadas, pav bhaji, dahi-batata-puri, pani-puri, toasted sandwich and can't forget the GOLAS.
Ian J Holder - March 13, 2009
will be going to Mumbai from the UK in July 2009. Dont trust hotel food, if we are careful will we be ok with the street food, any help would be appreciated Regards Ian
Bhanji family - November 18, 2009
u gotta taste it to believe it!!! just watching it bursts ur taste buds....enjoy!
rhea808 - November 19, 2009
oh gosh, i miss the food here. you must also do a feature on dosas in mumbai
meenakshi - January 05, 2010
Mumbai food is anyways better than any other place in world,cheap and tasty..i can eat anything like pani puri,bhel,dosa,vadapav yummy!i am loving it.
bharat parmar - January 09, 2010
I have travelled a lot in Mumbai. Outside food of Mumbai is very spicy. I like very much. The most famous food is 'vada-paav' in Mumbai.
sonu - March 13, 2010
omgggg... my mouth started watering while watching this, the dude is sooooo lucky he probably doesnt even realise it, i live in london and bloooody helll i feel like bookiing a flight to india just to eat everything he did.. mt stomachs going mental, i want vada pavvv!!!!
Priya - March 25, 2010
Hi Ian, Don't bother with hotel food while in Mumbai. You're more than safe with street food or the smaller restaurants. If you get the chance head to Juhu beach in the evening where you can sample pretty much every type of delicious street food, followed by paan or masala tea. Just typing this is making me want to head back there right now!!!
ABC - March 23, 2011
Excellent Job guys...It is so nice to see Bomaby with your eyes..Really enjoyed your short videos. I wish you can follow the same for all the state of India.. Good luck

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