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John - January 05, 2008
I don't think the crepes are any good in crepe station.... Taste more like pranthas..... Need to work on it CREPE STATION.... actually train station food taste better
Margaret dcruz NewZealand. - April 29, 2008
All you have shown on this program is really fantistic people. Its good you have comeout like this, I do like the crepes they are great, keep it up GUYS,I used to lived in Bandra for almost 40years, yes, I loved the place, But had to be close to my children so I made it to NewZealand its 7years Im here.God bless you all, Do give us your email if possible would love to get to know you better, or even send folks there when they holiday in Mumbai, Margaret.
henrik - September 09, 2008
I came from france and i love my crepe in the morning. i was so happy to have a crepe station in mumbai. i love the crepes, specially the ham and cheese crepe. good are also the huge waffles, try nutella crepe. best was i always could come here morning lunch an dinner time the menu always had something new.Thanks to chris i never had a bad stomach

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Crepe Station

Get your fill of crepes at this restaurant owned by a Bollywood actor.

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